Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet the Anti-Koko

Within the past month, I have become more active on deviantART. I have discovered that the DA community is very supportive of my work thus far (although I'm not a superstar on that website by any means). One artist who has particularly impressed me is Julia Takagi (AKA martoo1973), or as I like to think of her, the Anti-Koko.

Takagi's work displays her technical prowess, understanding of composition, and subtle color choices. She is masterful at capturing and amplifying nature's beauty as well. Obviously, my work is often garish and impulsive, which is why I think she is my exact opposite. When working with color, I often don't have the patience to mix subtle colors; I'd much rather create complex hues by glazing premixed paints one over the other. Subjective thought and instincts shape my material much more than anything resembling objectivity. Thankfully, there are artists like Takagi out there, with the patience and focus to hone their craft to the point of sublimity.

Here are several of my personal favorites from her gallery:

Asian Sunset by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Moonrise by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Cherry blossom 1 by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Dragonfly by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Daisetsusan by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Sunflowers by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

Autumnmood by ~martoo1973 on deviantART

For anyone interested in seeing more, here is a link to her deviantART gallery, and here is a link to her blog.


  1. aww thank you so much !!! I feel very honored and motivated by your feedback !!!

  2. No problem. Your work deserves the attention (of course, this is not a high-traffic area).


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