Friday, November 2, 2012

A New Blog for Different Content

Recently, I started a new blog, which you can find here: Struggling with Depression (and Anxiety).

Given that the subject matter will be quite different from what you've seen on this blog, it seemed fitting that it should be in its own location.

I'll add more content here as soon as I have more that is appropriate for this blog.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going Back in Time and A Word About LOST

I decided to switch back to the first design template I used for my blog. Somehow it speaks to the frog in me. Unfortunately, there is one post that does not fit this template, the post I wrote about Julia Takagi. The images of her artwork I used were too large, so I changed the template to accommodate them. I think the old template should be fine for my future posts, and I doubt too many people will review my old posts. Welcome back, Green Template.

Moving on...

Tonight is the series finale for LOST. Ever since I started watching this show in Season 2, I became hooked, partly because it seemed unlike anything else I had seen and because of the nonstop succession of cliffhangers from one episode to the next. The cliffhangers were especially frustrating between seasons, but I kept watching, didn't I? The writing of the series always seemed to be a balancing act between brilliance and cheapness (cliffhangers again).

I can't imagine how the finale can be really satisfying, and if it isn't, LOST certainly won't be the first series to suffer from that problem. This last season has been a bit problematic for me, although it started strong. I just feel the writing hasn't been on par with some of the previous seasons, and some episodes (particularly Ab Aeterno) felt like a waste of 42 minutes worth of content. Still, I am very excited to see it all wrap up, and I'll try to post my reaction to the finale here soon.