Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, here it is: the long-awaited self-portrait you've all been dying to see (yes, that's a joke).

So, now I'll move on to either finishing up some old projects or starting something new (I haven't decided which yet).

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Holy crap man, that is freakin kick ass! Did you ever like comics, remember Havoc? That dude shot like plasma rings or something, this looks like that but even more awesome! I can't stop looking at this, your left hand looks like its about to melt my face off. Amazing dude, love it.

  2. Thanks, Brandon! Havoc was a cool character. I always liked the way he and Cyclops were immune to eachother's blasts.

    I gotta get a tripod at some point, though. These photos always come out a bit off, and I have to crop them a little.

  3. It looks sweet it doesn't look off center to me. I hear ya though, I want a tripod as well! "shakes fist to sky at imaginary image of awesome camera and tripod"

  4. Actually, although I snapped quite a few shots, only two were good but even those were messed up. The edges of the painting appeared bowed, which I think is due to the fact that I am unable to guarantee that the lens is perfectly parallel to the canvas surface. Luckily, I didn't have to crop out very much to straighten the edges.


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