Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paintings for Christmas

With Christmas now behind us for this year, I thought I'd share the paintings I made as gifts for friends and family this year.

This is a double double portrait of my nieces, Audrey (upper left) and Madeline (lower right). I worked on these two paintings simultaneously to make them fairly similar, since I was planning on giving one to my parents and one to my sister and her husband. The Chinese characters depict each girl's respective sign on the Chinese zodiac.

I made this painting for Audrey and Madeline (who will have a new playroom very soon). I tried to fit in as many diverse Disney or Pixar characters into this one to interest them. Hopefully, it will add a special atmosphere to their environment.

Finally, this was a painting I made for a friend based on the illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker. It was intended as a gift in Fall, but somehow it became a Christmas gift. Now I just have to paint three more representing Spring, Summer, and Winter (or so I have been informed, ha ha).

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this has had a good holiday season!

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