Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Minor Updates

Those of you watching closely will notice that I have made a few changes on my blog.

I shuffled Mark Twain to the bottom of the page and got rid of Ribbit (my froggy friend), but most significantly, I added a slideshow of my artwork. (Thanks to Brandon for the suggestion!)

In the near future, I should be adding more images to this gallery, as I am in the process of painting several new works.

Until next time,



  1. Dammit! I just wrote a whole post and stupid blogspot lost it :(

    Anyway, the gist of it was, I took a look at some of the pieces in the slideshow... love it, love it, love it... But I would like to know if you have any comments on Night Life... it seems very different compositionally from the other works, and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on that you'd like to share...

    By the way, I seem to be the first vote for skunk... I'm not sure why, exactly, but I' sure you could think of a reason or two... ;)

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    Night Life (which I made for Amy Chin) may have turned out differently than the others because I wanted to specifically create a contrast between organic, sensual forms (that red thing) and the more angular forms in the background.

    Of course, the whole thing evolved over time, because I knew only that Amy wanted something abstract. It really started with some blue dribbles.

    You must have voted for the skunk because you are a stinker. ;)

    Keep commenting, and I'll keep posting!


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